Changes in Management

Changes in Management

Metrolux is announcing a change in management. On November 1st, the former managing director Uwe Schumann has left the Berlin.Industrial.Group. (B.I.G.) after five years. The management will be taken over by the owner of B.I.G. and majority shareholder of Metrolux, Igor Haschke.Igor Haschke, will be assisted by Joerg Wollenweber in all operational matters. In the months to come, Wollenweber, an experienced mechanical engineer, will - above all - push the development of new products and services. As production manager at the Berlin facility he is already responsible for the production of major Metrolux systems. Carsten Fischer, Metrolux founder and shareholder as well as Senior Technology Advisor in Goettingen will continue to play a key role in the development of new equipment and software.

We are very pleased to have such competent and committed experts at our side and wish them a good start.


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