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Metrolux optische Messtechnik Gmbh is a company with its headquartes in Göttingen, Germany. The University City is renowned worldwide for its research institutes and first class scientists. Metrolux has been developing, producing and marketing intelligent measurement technology since 1995. The portfolio encompasses systems for all types of laser beam characterization. The company was founded by the physicist Dr. Carsten Fischer. It has been a part of the Berlin.Industrial.Group since 2014.

Quality orientation
Quality is our strategy. Metrolux measurement systems are employed wherever measurement precision and speed are required.
Cutting edge
Set the tone. Be prepared for future challenges. Metrolux is expanding the portfolio in an ongoing process of innovation and development.
Strong contact
Individual customer care is our philosophy. The Metrolux team provides their far-ranging know-how for the customers. Together we discover the optimum solution.
Metrolux provides special solutions. We manufacture systems according to customer specifications. From prototype to batch production.
As a member of the Berlin.Industrial.Group located in Berlin Metrolux can enjoy the benefits of the corporate structure at any time.


Big Bang

Careers at Metrolux

Are you ready for success? Metrolux is constantly looking for talent. We offer entry opportunities within a healthy corporate culture that lives off fairness, transparency and collegiality. Students that wish to orient themselves can participate in exciting internships. Would you like to  start a career with us? Apply for one of our wanted apprenticeship positions.  As a college student you have options for delving deeply into photonics science doing short projects, a bachelor's thesis or even a Ph.D. thesis with us. We also have an open door for professionals that contemplate their next career move. In short, we welcome applications from students or professionals with any degree of experience.

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Even if we do not currently have the perfect offer for you we would still like to get in touch. Please do send us your current CV/resumé.


Dr. Dipl.-Phys. Carsten Fischer


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