Focus beam profiler FM4000

New product announcement

Focus beam profiler FM4000
New product announcement
The Metrolux team is working hard on the development of a new beam profiler family for the highest power densities. After successful tests, the prototype FM4000 is about to be ready for production.
The Focus Monitor 4000 (FM4000) provides the means for a quick beam profile and focus measurement at highest power densities. The rugged and compact design is meant for the use in production environments. The possibility to directly control device parameters provides options for the optimization of production processes. Stability and reliability of the processes can be ensured this way.
The integrated attenuation and imaging optics are designed for the analysis of laser spots with up to 6 kW of cw Power. The minimum spot size can go into the low micrometer range. The design wavelength is between 1030 nm and 1070 nm. Integration of optional filter modules enhances the range of measurable power densities. A distortion-free imaging of high power laser spots is enabled by the large clear aperture of the FM4000’s internal optics in combination with special coatings of the surfaces.
Important device parameters such as the working temperature and the beam entrance shutter are monitored by the measurement system. The shutter is motorized to allow for a process controlled opening. The FM4000 can be mounted directly onto an industrial robot or at the production site via threads in the housing. The FM4000 concept requires the use of attenuation and cooling modules for measurements exceeding short snapshots. The required modules can be selected according to each application.

Dimensions and interfaces

Beam entrance aperture protection window, shutter
Digital Interface GigE Vision V. 1.0, field bus
Synchronization external trigger (5V TTL) or free running
Conformity CE, RoHS, REACH

Applications Focus measurement, high power lasers, relative power measurement

Laser power < 6000 W
Beam size 70 µm to 5 mm w/o additional optics/modules
Magnifications 1 x bis 10 x
Wavelength 1030–1070 nm
Duration of measurement 10–500 ms