Service, Training and Laser Beam Diagnostics

We offer our customers excellent and complete service and will gladly provide further information.


We provide assistance in the selection of suitable components for the analysis of your laser, covering software, cameras, attenuators and imaging optics.

Trial period

We can also provide a beam profiler for a 14 day trial period, including software, camera and all necessary accesories.

Laser beam diagnosis

We can also analyze and measure your laser. Please do not hesitate to request a quotation in this regard.

CCD cover glass removal

We remove cover glasses from the following CCD-sensors: ICX 285, ICX415, ICX 474, ICX 625.


We gladly offer training and introductory seminars for the use of the presented software and detectors. On site at your facility or here at Metrolux.

Software customization

Upon request we will readily modify and enhance the provided software according to your needs. Our software developers will include additional evaluations in new modules or user interface elements.