Detectors for Laser Beam Profile Analysis and M² Measurement

  • Saves time during the adjustment of lenses or resonators
  • Easy-to-use support for the monitoring process
  • Online analysis and automated documentation
  • Secure connectivity and data transfer to database
  • Devices and software are modular and expandable

With our devices, the intensity distribution of laser beams in the wavelength ranges EUV, UV, VIS and NIR can be recorded for beam diameters of 1 µm - 100 mm and evaluated in accordance with EN ISO standards.

The different Software tools are well suited not only for spot and beam position analysis, but also to measure homogeneous laser beams.

The detector heads have been optimized using a special surface refinement of the mechanical parts and antireflection coating on the optical elements to reduce the amount of stray light to a minimum. Edit