Laser Beam Profile Monitoring

  • Improvement and optimization of the efficiency of laser processes
  • Process control via online monitoring of the laser beam parameters
  • Remote monitoring of laser beam profiles via TCP/IP
  • Comparable results according to ISO standards

The parameters of a laser beam can change over time. Regular inspection and the optimization of the intensity distribution of the beam within exisiting systems pay off. Instead of increasing the laser power, the intensity distribution can be controlled and optimized using a beam profile measurement. This spares your budget and saves time during an adjustment of optics or resonators.

Laser beams can be described among other things using their wavelength, intensity distribution, divergence, output power, frequency, energy per pulse, pulse duration, coherence, polarisation, beam propagation, wavefront, beam position stability, beam direction stability ...

Different uses of lasers in industry, research & development, metrology etc, place different demands on the employed laser beams. Therefore special sensors are needed for the optimization of foci with minuscule diameters as well as large homogeneous areas or for example for line foci.

The beam analysis systems developed by Metrolux distinguish themselves in that the software beamlux Ⅱ evaluates all those beam parameters, which can be captured from the intensity distribution of a laser beam using imaging sensors, according to ISO standards, while the employed detectors are optimized for the different demands and measurement tasks.