Line Focus Monitoring

  • Improvement of the process safety granted by an optimized line focus
  • Application in systems for the display and semiconductor industries
  • Process monitoring of the line width, intensity distribution and homogeneity
  • Rapid measurements with high resolution

The laser line focus, with lengths of sometimes over 500 mm, is used in materials processing of large areas in a multitude of products. Especially in mass production, it is necessary for a laser tool to be characterized and documented regularly. Line foci are implemented for example in the display industry in the production of OLED and LED screens. Lasers with different wavelengths, line lengths, line widths and homogeneity are used in many different processes.

To maintain and also to monitor the high quality of these processes, Metrolux offers detectors especially adapted to and optimized for the varying requirements on a laser beam. Our products have been in use for many years in industrial production lines around the world.