Adjustment and Optimization of the Laser Beam Focus

  • Improvement of the process' speed by optimizing the laser spot
  • Application in systems for the solar, automobile and semiconductor industries
  • Monitoring of the spot diameter, intensity distribution and position
  • Fast identification of faulty optical components in the laser system

The laser focus has established itself as a recognized tool in many fields and industries. It is used in the automobile industry in the remote welding of parts, or in the solar industry in the cutting or scoring of silicon wafers.

Not only to mantain the high quality of the process but also for monitoring, Metrolux offers detector systems that are optimized for the different demands placed on a focused laser beam, like the wavelength, the power density, the numerical aperture and of course the size of the spot.

Different software tools (e.g. the 2D zoom and spot tracking, as well as the time dependent display of many measured values) are ideal helpers in the analysis and optimization of the intensity distribution in the focus.

Our detector systems are already adapted to many of the different demands placed on laser systems and applications.