Cameras for Laser Beam Profiling

  • Cameras optimized for the use in laser beam profilers
  • CCD sensors with high linearity, homogeneity and S/N ratio
  • InGaAs sensor for NIR wavelength range
  • Up to 11 megapixels and 36 x 24 mm² active area
  • IEEE1394 or GigE interface

Our CCD-based cameras for laser beam profiling find use in beam profilers as well as wavefront sensors. The high linearity, high homogeneity and their good signal-to-noise ratios are crucial for a precise determination of laser beam properties according to the ISO standards.

All cameras for laser beam profiling are shipped with a protective filter instead of a cover glass to prevent disruptive interferences while retaining a protection from dust.

The small pixel size and high dynamic deliver a clear picture of higher modes or weak features. Through the use of a special coating of the CCD an enhancement of the wavelength range into the UV or NIR becomes possible. They can be employed in all areas of production and quality control but also for research and development.