• Rapid on-line wavefront analysis
  • Calculation of Zernike polynomials up to 5th order (tilt, defocus, astigmatism,...)
  • Display of Zernike coefficients as bar graphs
  • Automatic gain and exposure time
  • Automatic synchronization with pulsed lasers
  • Automatic backgrund correction
  • Increased measurement accuracy by averaging
  • 2D/3D display of the wavefront
  • Progression view (Display of temporal evolution of all important results)
  • Recording of image sequences
  • Adjustment assistant function
  • Calibration with plane or spherical wavefront enabled

The Raylux software is employed for the analysis of wavefronts via Shack-Hartmann sensors. Wavefront distortions can be measured and displayed in real time. Software modules exist for the control of stepper motors, the synchronization of pulsed light sources or a remote control of the raylux software via a TCP/IP interface as well as for the charaterization of optics (MTF, PSF,...) or lasers (beam profile analysis for near field and far field).