EUV / X-Ray Spectrometer ML7300

  • For soft X-ray and EUV
  • Easy use, straight forward adjustment of light source
  • Level image plane, low stray light, aberration corrected optics
  • Time saving, no readjustment after grating change
  • Modular, upgrade to complete measuring tool with the ML7310
  • Vacuum slit, ML3214 camera, ML7320 energy monitor - all mountable on cart
  • Adjustment wheel (for manual control of slit width from 0 to 400 μm) and locking mechanism
  • Customized designs on request

Optical specifications

Type: Grating spectrograph with level image plane
Optical components: Aberration corrected imaging reflection grating
Entry: 2° tilt adjustment for grating
Spectral range: 1 to 21 nm (several gratings)
Spectral resolution: > 600 (depends on selection of grating, source and detector)
Object width: app. 237 mm
Image width: app. 235 mm
Spectrum length: app. 25 to 30 mm
Spectrum width: up to 27 mm (adjustable with optional ML7300 vacuum slit)

Generous alignment range for camera in image plane; about 50 mm with micrometer adjustment (1 pm at 10 nm). Zero order is available for imaging and calibration.

Mechanical specifications

Light entry flange: DN100-ISO-CF
Light exit flange: DN63-ISO (K)F or DN 6.75 inch CF
Vent: DN16 needle valve, included
Pump flange: DN63
Access for calibration: DN63
HV compatible: all materials HV compatible stainless steel and aluminium
Dimensions: 760 x 430 x 405 mm3
Weight: about 36 kg

Rotation and tilt can be adjusted with locking micrometers. The pivot point is located on the image plane.


• Gold coated gratings on request
• Additional mounts for gratings (recommended for fast exchange of gratings, saves realignment)
• Application specific cameras from Roper Scientific or metrolux
• Vacuum slit ML7310 (option to use system as spectrograph)
• Vacuum flanges to adapt custom designs on request
• Calibration laser and slits for easy alignment of gratings
• Software beamlux II
• PC or laptop
• Laser synchronization device or trigger box
• Lab cart with adjustable height (900 mm x 750 mm x 800 mm)