Adjustable Stainless Steel Vacuum Slit ML7310

  • Wide wavelength range from X-ray to IR
  • HV and heat cleaning compatible
  • High radiation resistance

Adjustable width from 0 to 400 μm
Adjustable height from 0 to 20 mm
DN100CF flanges both ends
Short footprint
Adjustable and replaceable

Slit width: Variable from 0 to 400 µm
Slit height: 0 to 20 mm
Slit orientation: Adjustable with tilt
Wedge shape: Adjustable with blades
Blades: stainless steel, polished optically to 45 degrees, (other
geometries available on request)
Straightness: better than 10 µm over full height
Smoothness of edge: 1 to 2 µm
Connector: DN 100 CF
Enclosure: Cylindrical flange housing diameter: 165 mm
Overall length: 50 mm, height with micrometer: 268 mm
Weight: ~ 7.5 kg


• Vacuum seals
• Mounting screws
• Custom blades
• adjustment tools