M² Monitors for Laser Beam Quality Determination

  • Automated measurement for rapid evaluation
  • M² Monitor for evaluation according to EN-ISO standard
  • Integration into production processes via TCP/IP
  • CCD based sensor with high linearity
  • Calibrated ex works for highest precision

Our M² Monitors are designed for an exact determination of the M² value of laser beams. With their high evaluation accuracy they are being employed in industry and laser production and control. The remote control mode and optional customer specific software interfaces allow for a simple integration into production processes. The M² Monitors consist of CCD based detectors in combination with the Beamlux II advanced beam profiling software with M² tool and an optional customer-secific user interface. All relevant laser beam parameters such as M², divergence, waist diameter and waist position are displayed.

Optional accessories enable the analysis of laser beams with large diameters and high powers.

The LPM200 is a compact and rugged detector system for a rapid, automated determination of the laser beam quality. Mechanical and software-based adjustment tools allow for a quick set-up and start of measurements. Results are available within 30 seconds. The M² Monitor allows a measurement according to the current EN-ISO 11146 standard. With the help of the extensive set of optional accessories a large variety of lasers operating in the UV, VIS and NIR wavelength ranges can be analyzed.

Product Sensor Type Wavelength Beam Size Images Power
LPM200 CCD 2/3" 320 - 1100 nm < 15 mm < 1 W