M² Monitor ISO - CCD camera based detector for Laser caustic analysis

  • Complete laser beam analysis with Beamlux II with M² tool
  • Determination of the beam parameter product according to EN ISO 11146
  • Complete M² setup with manual or automated scan of the laser beam caustic
  • Customizable for most VIS and NIR lasers according to customer specifications
  • Option for InGaAs camera for 900 -1700 nm

The CCD camera bases M² detector system is a flexible setup for the measurement of caustic and M² of collimated laser beams in the VIS/NIR wavelength ranges. The Beamlux II advanced software with M² tool also allows for a complete laser beam analysis according to the current EN-ISO 11146 standard.

320 - 1100 nm
< 1 W
Sensor Type: 
CCD 2/3"
6,5 µm
Beam Type: 
Raw Beam
Beam Size: 
100 µm - 5 mm

The basic configuration of the M² 4500 beam profiler consists of our standard camera ML3743, a neutral density filter set and a focussing lens. Beam adjustment elements, filter wheels or linear stages with stepper motor may optinally be customized and expanded to meet each applications special needs.

With the M² software tool the laser beam quality can also be determined for focussed laser beams without additional focussing lenses. Please contact us about the configuration that would be best suited for your laser beam.