Beam profiling

Beam profiling is a tool for speeding up processes by providing an optimized laser spot. Control of beam shape and position using a beam profiler ensures the continued high quality of the process.

This fundamental function of laser beam analysis is provided by the Beamlux software. The contained software tools such as 2D-zoom and spot tracking or the time-dependent plotting of many calculated results are ideal tools for quality control. They are employed wherever a precise positioning or monitoring of laser beams is relevant.

Metrolux measurement systems are set up for the many requirements in Laser systems and related applications. They are employed worldwide in many systems even for UV and IR wavelengths that are normally inaccessible by CCD or CMOS sensor technology.

BM8304 - Beam Monitor 8304

The Beam MonitorBM8304 consists of the robust and compact beam profiler camera BPC8304ML and the image processing software Beamlux: it is a standard beam profiler suitable for all markets.

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The perfect combination of hard- and software is essential for the exact measurement and analysis of laser beams.

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