Caustic measurement

The measurement of a laser's caustic allows a precise characterization of the beam's quality.  The M2-Tool within the Beamlux software is optimized for measurements of the intensity distribution along the laser beam caustic conforming to the ISO 11146 standard and provides this at a high speed and with the highest level of reproducibility

The characterizatoin of laser sources is of paramount importance in the production process of high quality laser systems. The choice of beam sources for integratd systems can be made and the systems can be planned based on the parameters defined in the standard. Metrolux Measurement systems are dsigned for a quick high-precision measurement of the laser's beam parameters according to ISO11146. They can be easily integrated into production processes due to the included remote control features.

This type of measurement is predominantly used by laser manufacturers and systems integrators to precisely specify lasers and laser beams. To this end the Metrolux software provides conclusive measurement reports.


The perfect combination of hard- and software is essential for the exact measurement and analysis of laser beams.

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