Focus measurement

Focus measurement helps to increase process speeds by helping to optimize the laser spot. Distortion-free attenuation and magnified imaging enable control over the intensity distribution and position of a laser focus. This is an important tool in process monitoring.

Metrolux provides Measurement systems that are optimized for very different requirements for a focused laser beam such as wavelength, power density, numerical aperture and spot size. The tools contained in the Beamlux software such as 2D-zoom and spot tracking or the time-dependent plotting of many calculated results are ideal for the analysis and optimization of the intensity distribution in the laser focus.

The laser focus has been recognized as a valuable tool in many areas of materials processing. The automotive industry uses focused laser beams for remote welding of vehicle body parts, the display industry for cutting glasses and the separation of layers while the solar industry uses them for cutting and scribing silicon wafers.

FM100 – Focus Monitor 100

The Focus Monitor 100 (FM100) is a robust and compact beam profiler for the analysis of of focused laser beams. It is employed for the regular quality control of laser beams in many industrial applications due to its versatility.

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The perfect combination of hard- and software is essential for the exact measurement and analysis of laser beams.

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