Line focus measurement

Line focus measurement serves to enhance the process speed by providing an optimized laser line focus. To ensure a lasting high quality of productoin processes one must continuously monitor the line width, intensity distribution and homogeneity. This requires a quick measurement at high resolutions.

Line shaped laser foci with lengths of up to 3000 mm enable large area processin of many materials. Especially in large scale mass production settings this requires the constant monitoring of the employed laser tool. One instance of the efficient use of laser line foci is the OLED and LED display production. Lasers of vaying wavelength, line lengths and widths and intensity homogeneities are employed here. Metrolux provides measurement systems with the specialized Beamscan or Linescan software bundles that are optimized for the line focus anaysis to monitor the continously high quality. Some Metrolux UV systems are available for extended line focus or area scan measurements even at UV wavelengths such as 193 nm.

This method is predominantly employed in the display and semiconductor industries.

FM100 – Focus Monitor 100

The Focus Monitor 100 (FM100) is a robust and compact beam profiler for the analysis of of focused laser beams. It is employed for the regular quality control of laser beams in many industrial applications due to its versatility.

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The perfect combination of hard- and software is essential for the exact measurement and analysis of laser beams.

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