Special constructions

Custom taylored to meet your needs

Metrolux has become a reilable partner for custom taylored measurement system solutions through long standing experience and expert knowledge. Custom complete measurement systems for laser and optics characterization are developed in close collaboration with the customer.

Flexible solutions

Metrolux develops systems for your individual needs. From prototype to batch production.

Examples of previously realized solutions

  • Squarelux for the M2-measurement on single pulses
  • Automated measurement system for the analysis of large diameter UV laser beams in laser development and production
  • Focus Monitor FM20 for use in narrow measurement positions
  • Industrial beam profiler
  • VUV spectrophotometer
  • EUV/X-ray spectrometer
  • EUV/X-ray camera
  • Stainless steel adjustable vacuum slit
  • X-ray pinhole camera
  • Automated measurement system for coherence measurements on high power UV lasers
  • Beam analysis system for near and far field quality control of high power lasers