Systems integration

Process safety

Systems integration covers a variety of technical aspects. Metrolux is a flexible and competent partner for all markets that rely on the quality of the laser as a tool.

FM100 – Focus Monitor 100

The Focus Monitor 100 (FM100) is a robust and compact beam profiler for the analysis of of focused laser beams. It is employed for the regular quality control of laser beams in many industrial applications due to its versatility.

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VA – Variable Attenuator
The Variable Attenuators (VA) are designed for precise precision adjustment and stabilization of laser powers. They provide the highest degree of reproducibility for laser processes.
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BM8304 - Beam Monitor 8304

The Beam MonitorBM8304 consists of the robust and compact beam profiler camera BPC8304ML and the image processing software Beamlux: it is a standard beam profiler suitable for all markets.

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The perfect combination of hard- and software is essential for the exact measurement and analysis of laser beams.

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