FM100 – Focus Monitor 100

Laser focus analysis

The Focus Monitor 100 (FM100) is a beam profiler for the analyisis of focused laser beams. It is optimized for industrial use. The compact design ensures reliability and quality in the production.

FM100 – Focus Monitor 100

Thanks to its versatility the FM100 is already in use for regular quality control of the laser beam in the display and semiconductor industries as well as in the processing of materials in the automotive industry. In addition to the integrated high power attenuator the FM100 has two filter slots for flexible attenuation of laser power. The configuration can be optimized for all laser wavelengths to guarantee the best possible measurement results.

Technical specifications

Wavelength 248–1100 nm or 9300-9600 nm
Laser Power up to 100 W
Sensor type CCD 2/3''
Beam size 10-250 µm