VA – Variable Attenuator

Adjustment and stabilization of laser powers

The variable laser attenuators (VA) are designed for precise precision adjustment and stabilization of laser powers. They provide the highest degree of reproducibility for laser processes. Tye are typically used for  Excimer and YAG laser wavelengths. They are suitable for cw lasers.

Variable Attenuator

The Variable attenuators provide highest reproducibility for laser processes. The stabilization of pulse energies in production processes is their main use. To compensate the beam displacement generated by the dielectric filter a transparent second optic is also employed. The transmitted laser beam's attenuation can be regulated contiuously by changing the filter's angle of incidence between 0° and 45°.

Technical specifications
  • For cw and pulsed lasers of high output power and pulse energy
  • Available for all excimer and YAG laser wavelengths
  • Clear aperture (W x H) 45  x 20 mm
Max. Beam Size ca. 43 x 18 mm
Dimensions (L x H x W) ca. 80 x 174 x 100 mm
Weight ca. 1.4 kg