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Metrolux is a renowned supplier of optical measurement technology for laser beam analysis and process automation. For more than 25 years, Metrolux has been developing, producing and marketing innovative measurement systems to optimize industrial manufacturing processes for customers worldwide.

Optical Seam Tracking Sensor

Metrolux develops and distributes the optical seam tracking sensors of the TH6x product family in cooperation with Scansonic MI GmbH, the experts for automated manufacturing technology and laser-based welding processes. Both companies are members of the Berlin.Industrial.Group. (B.I.G.) and combine their competencies to produce top-quality products – tailor-made for the customer’s requirements.

The optical sensors for seam tracking support automated welding processes with both arc and laser. The active seam detection scans the edge offset at the joint without contact using light beams and thus ensures the precise positioning of the tool at any time.

All our sensors are designed for applications even in harsh industrial environments – e.g. in welding cells – and score with their pronounced robustness. The integrated stray light filtering ensures smooth operation even in the near-process area and on adverse surfaces such as stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

A wide variety of joints, including the difficult-to-detect I-seam at the butt joint, are detected.

Laser Beam Analysis

The laser has firmly established itself as a valuable tool in many markets. For the testing and characterization of this tool, high demands are placed on the measurement technology. The diverse measurement tasks can be served by different measurement methods. Due to years of research and development and the close exchange with customers, Metrolux has a wealth of experience, which is reflected in the highly precise and robust measuring systems.