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metrolux optische Messtechnik

Making the laser measurable and controllable

Metrolux has been developing, producing and marketing innovative measurement technology since 1995. The product portfolio includes systems for beam characterization for all industrial laser applications.

Metrolux’s research and development department is firmly anchored in the central German university town of Göttingen, which is known worldwide for its research institutes and universities for high-level science.

Metrolux has been a member of the Berlin.Industrial.Group., a high-tech group of companies with a focus on laser applications, since 2014.

The high-quality Metrolux systems are manufactured in modern production facilities at the Berlin site.

Our worldwide network with long-term service partners enables our customers to receive fast and extensive support.

Sales and Service Partner


Ante Laser Co., Ltd.
Floor 2, Building F, Guangdong Soft-park
#11 Caipin Rd, Science Town,
Guangzhou 510663, PR China
Phone: (+86) 400 666 8955

Myles Wang


Opto Science Inc.
Naitocho Bldg., 1, Naitocho,Shinjuku-ku,
160-0014 Tokio
Phone: (+81) 3 3356 1064, Fax: (+81) 3 3356 3466

Jojiro Kimura

South Korea

ShinHoTek Co.
#1306 #1307, 19 Gasan digital 1-ro
(Daerung Techno Town-18) Geumcheon-gu
08594 Seoul
Phone. (+82) 31 932 0533, Fax: (+82) 31 932 0537

Steven Jung

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Metrolux optische Messtechnik GmbH
Schwarze-Pumpe-Weg 16, 12681 Berlin
Phone: +49 – 30 – 91 20 74 – 10