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FH6D Advanced

The FH6D is the entry-level sensor for automated joining processes

The sensor uses laser triangulation to measure workpiece joints at specific points. The search for the beginning and end of the seam enables automated joining in series production. Positioning and workpiece tolerances will be automatically compensated. The sensor is mounted on a robot or CNC portal machine and transfers the measurement data in real time.

Technical Data

Measuring lines 3
Measuring range (WxH) 50 x 60 mm
Resolution in the TCP 25 μm
Working distance sensor bottom (z = 0) 150 mm
Working distance sensorbackplane (x = 0) 11 mm
Working distance in Y in mm (at z = 0) 50 mm
Working distance in Z (at y = 0) 60 mm
Working distance in Y (at z = -12) 50 mm
Working distance in Y (at z = 12) 70 mm
Camera resolution in mm 0,03 x 0,07 mm
Operating temperature + 10°C to +45°C
Laser protection class 3B
Dimensions (LxWxH) 80 x 44,6 x 148,95 mm
Weight 0,5 kg

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