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Optical seam tracking for arc and laser applications

The tracking sensor enables a greater working distance to the process with high resolution. The greater distance between the sensor and the workpiece means that even joints in hard-to-reach and highly angled corners can be precisely detected. The risk of the sensor colliding with the component can thus be avoided. This sensor is the best choice for particularly large components with difficult access.


The triangulation sensor scans the seam shape along the joint without actually touching it and transmits information including gap dimensions, joint edge offset and positioning of the tool relative to the workpiece surface to the robot controller. Integrated extraneous light filtering ensures smooth operation even in the area close to the process. Efficient signal analysis ensures reliable detection, especially on reflective surfaces.


  • Automated production processes: welding, adhesives, etc.
  • Interfaces to all popular robot controllers


  • Greater working distance avoids collisions, especially with highly angled component geometries and cornering
  • Even more precise seam tracking thanks to new camera technology
  • Compact design for flexible use and best accessibility of work piece
  • Easy handling and maintenance concept
  • Suitable for thin and thick sheet metal applications


  • Seam tracking for standard joint types (e.g. fillet or T-joint) for compensation for component tolerances
  • Applicable on all popular and also high reflective material surfaces
  • Immune to electromagnetic effects (EMI)
  • Optical filters used to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light
  • Splash guard with integrated safety glass cleaning
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Safety-glass quick-change drawer
  • Integrated air cooling for the sensor
  • Robust design
  • Interfaces for all well-established robot controls
  • Universal interface digital / analog


  • integrated air flushing of protective glass
  • integrated cooling by air
  • working temperature +10°C up to +45°C
  • box splash water protected (IP64)
  • easy and rapid exchange of protective glass

Technical Data

Nominal working distance 350 mm
Laser Power 100-200 mW
Laser class 3B
Laser lines (distance) 3 (3 – 4)
Weight 0,5kg – 0,7 kg
Wavelength 660 nm
Measuring Range (WxH)  50 – 70 x 100 – 120 mm
Resolution lateral 0,03 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)  140-160 x 39-50 x 120 mm
Protection rating IP 64


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