Optical Metrology for Laser Beam Profile Analysis and Characterization of Optical Components

  • Metrology with highest degree of reliability and precision
  • Quality monitoring for a wide variety of wavelengths
  • Detector systems for individual requirements
  • For R&D as well as industrial manufacturing processes

Our products provide you with the highest degree of measuring precision and reliability for your laser beam profile analysis and the characterization of optical components. From deep UV to far IR wavelengths you can find here a comfortable solution for laser quality analysis. For many years our laser beam profilers have been established as a standard in the metrology of raw laser beams, foci, line foci, wavefronts and caustics in production and research applications. Our portfolio is enhanced by a host of variable laser beam attenuators as well as products for the precise characterization of optics.

Aside from a variety of catalogued products Metrolux offers custom constructions according to individual requests and queries. We gladly receive your requirements and wishes, so please contact us!